5 FAST Ways To Make Your Sales Letter Pull Like Crazy!

By Grady Smith

You've got a killer headline...

You've lined up benefit after benefit...

But it won't make you a dime unless you can close the sale and make the reader of your sales letter hand over their cash. And a solid close on your sales letter will do just this.

Following, 5 essential parts for a "get your wallet out" sales letter close.


The reader of your sales letter needs to understand what your product/offer will do for them. But once they understand that, they need to know that things won't get better, problems won't be solved, and nothing in their situation will change if they don't take action.

"Passing today means nothing will change for you. You'll still work at a job you hate and pray that one day a sensible and real opportunity will fall into your lap. But I tell you, this IS your real opportunity, and now you just need to act."

Let them feel the pain. Tell them the downside of not jumping on your offer. Ask them questions so they can personalize the loss by actually thinking about what they'll be missing.


Justify the value of your product or service by explaining the price you've chosen:

"$67 is s true bargain when you consider that this one-time investment will come back to you at least 10 times. By simply investing a small amount right now, you're guaranteed to get all the information you need to make 10 to 1000 times your investment back in under 30 days"!


Take away any doubts in your potential customer's mind. Assure them they're making the right decision, and risk nothing by taking you up on your offer:

"You are guaranteed to learn step-by-step how I made a fortune in network marketing. But if you feel you can't follow my plan, or just don't want to, then simply return my package--keeping the $97 in FREE bonuses--and I'll give you a 100% no questions refund."


If the reader doesn't act right away chances are good they'll forget about your offer and never take action. Give them a reason they MUST take immediate action.

Tell them they might lose bonuses. Tell them that supplies of your product are limited. Give them a strong reason to act immediately:

"The $39.95 price is simply a test price. After 100 visitors to this website, I will access changing the price, and guarantee you it will be rising. So to guarantee you get everything you need to get started day trading for thousands for the test price of only $39.95 you must act immediately."


After you've given them details for ordering place a P.S. that goes over your deal again and explains the benefits. A P.P.S. can be used to detail that there is no risk:

"P.S.: You get immediate access to my complete "Fat Burning Without Exercise" system that will have you shedding 30 pounds in 30 days. Plus, when you act now, you also get $400 in FREE bonuses for helping you reach and maintain your desired weight. But to get everything, you must order now.

P.P.S.: Don't forget ... you're guaranteed to see amazing results or you keep the $400 in FREE bonuses and get a complete refund. Nothing to lose except those extra pounds starting today!"

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