We are so confident of our products that we invite you to "test-drive" these "hand-picked" and highly recommended resources for a full twelve months. If they don't produce thousands of dollars in extra profits you wouldn't have seen without them, we want you to return them for an instant refund. That's our iron-clad guarantee!


Great Headlines Instantly!

Nothing else can produce such a dramatically different result as an improved headline. Learn the hugely profitable skill of headline writing and have a valuable, money-making resource you can use for years to come! 180 pages of hard hitting info that will help you achieve record-breaking response rates and explosive sales growth.

Secrets To Creating Killer Ads That Sell

You can have the best product or service, attract mega traffic to your site and not sell squat! You know it's true. Without a compelling sales presentation you are dead in the water, period! That is a fact.

All that is about to change for you. Get instant access to the tools to write a compelling ad or master sales presentation every time. One that works like magic whenever you need it. Utilizing unique marketing techniques you won't find anywhere else. Click here to get the inside scoop.

Classified Magic ...How to Make Your Small Ads Pay Off BIG!

A crash course on how to craft super-responsive classified ads that sell like crazy! You'll discover step-by-step, how you can turbo-charge your tiny ad into a perpetual, cash-flowing marketing machine. I use the word "machine" because once you master these secrets, you can almost put your plans on auto-pilot ...and the results still keep pouring in ...non-stop! 


Create Ads, Letters and Web Sites That Have More Selling Power, Quicker and Easier Than Ever Before

This extremely easy-to-use software tool can help you create copy for your ads, letters and web sites that's more powerful and gets you more sales. And you'll do it quicker and easier than ever before. It runs on any IBM compatible computer running Win95 or greater. Check it out.

How To Write Million Dollar Ads, Sales Letters, And Web Marketing Pieces

It takes great copy to sell any product or service - regardless of how exceptional the product might be. But for most people, writing highly effective copy is a mystery. Not any more. In this huge (462 pages) course, 23 top marketing experts take some of their most successful marketing pieces and dissect them block-by-block giving you thorough explanations of how each block was created. Now You can "team up" with 23 of the most successful marketing experts in the world and use their inside secrets to maximize the selling power of every ad, sales letter, and web marketing piece you create.


Advertising Magic: The Complete Guide To Writing Hot Ads and Sales Letters That Work!

A New, Simple, Proven, Step-By-Step Formula Will Show You.. "How To Get All The Hot Leads And Customers You�ll Ever Need For Your Business.. 100% Guaranteed!"

Brian Keith Voiles has crafted sales letters for multi-millionaire marketers like Jay Abraham, Gary Halbert, Ted Nicholas, Robert Allen and others that have literally moved billions of dollars of products and services. Now You can Master The Art-And-Science Of Writing "Killer" Ads & Sales Letters right from the privacy of your home.


Dan Kennedy's Advanced Copywriting Seminar-In-A-Box

Only 115 people were permitted to attend Dan's recent, closed door, 2-day Copywriting Seminar where he revealed ALL of his most prized, most powerful and most profitable copywriting techniques. Now you can attend Dan's special Seminar at home, at your convenience, via audio and video tape, and two hefty Manuals including lots of exhibits and examples. You'll not only get the value of the Seminar - you'll also have powerful "tools" you'll keep referring to and using over and over again. This is being offered in a limited number, for a limited time.

Dan Kennedy's Copywriting Clinic

Discover Dan Kennedy's Never Before Revealed 97 Specific "Tricks" to Creating Copy That Reaches Out and Sucks Money Right Out of Peoples' Wallets Like An Out-Of-Control Vacuum Cleaner Monster. If you "can't write", you're probably a perfect candidate to learn to write great direct-response copy! Dan Kennedy believes just about anybody can do this. And he's created a very powerful shortcut, 'crash course' in the ins-and-outs of copywriting. Actually, he tape-recorded a special small-group "Copywriting Clinic" that he held for members of his Inner Circle, in Los Angeles. If you suffer from "writer's block"

21 Ways To Double Your Sales

Master marketer and author Mitch Axelrod has presented the "21 Ways To Double Your Sales" in 21 cities all over the USA to more than 100,000 salespeople, managers, executives and entrepreneurs who have come from all over the world to attend this one-day seminar. Now for the first time ever you can master these powerful principles, laws, methods and proven strategies that Mitch has used to sell millions of dollars worth of goods and services for his clients. This will be without a doubt the best investment you will ever make. Click here to learn how you can learn these powerful techniques and strategies, risk free from the privacy of your home and for just a fraction of the cost that others have paid to attend these seminars.

Killer Copywriting

Discover a simple step-by-step formula used to create copy so powerful that it grabs and holds the attention of your reader all the way to the order page and practically forces them to buy. This guide is for anyone who wants to learn the hidden techniques of the master copywriters, the secrets of the advertising professionals who can sell anything to anyone.



Extremely high-content 8-Cassette Audio Training Program that features 11 of the world's greatest advertising, marketing & sales authorities teaching you practical ways to boost your business no matter what you sell or how you sell it. This amazing course has the power to turn YOU into a sales and marketing dynamo in no time flat, whether you've been in business for decades... or just days. Click here for the details.

How to Create Power-Packed Ads, Brochures & Sales Letters that Make Money NOW!

A high-Impact, no-nonsense "cut-by-cut" 6-cassette advertising crash course from America's #1 Small Business Advertising Psychology Trainer Drew Whitman. These extremely high-content training tools teach you exactly how Drew influences buyers�and How YOU Can Too! Click here to learn more.



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