Use "Immediate Answers" To Increase Your Sales Letter's Conversion!

By Grady Smith

Ever read a sales letter, and like magic, find that just as soon as questions or doubts come into your mind, they're knocked down in the next line of copy? If so, then you've seen the power of this technique first hand.

Questions are bound to arise in the mind of your prospect as they read through your letter. And that's good. Questions mean they're truly digesting what your sales letter is telling them.

But a question left hanging too long in the prospect's mind is a certain sales killer.

Think about it. You're reading a letter for a product that teaches you how to start a home business that services other businesses. But as you read about this new internet business, you start to think, "I don't have many businesses in my area that would be interested in this".

Now the writer of this letter can do one of two things...

1) They can never address this concern directly. And the reader will read a few more lines before putting the letter down.

2) They can address the question head on in the next line or paragraph. "Regardless of where you live -- even if you're on a mountain top with your nearest neighbor living 60 miles away -- you can still seriously profit from this business". And as a result of having this question answered, the reader continues on. And in fact, their interest level grows.

Though I refer to these as questions, they're really objections. Reasons the reader can't or won't buy your product.

"It won't work in my situation".

"This is for someone else".

"It would be perfect if only ..."

How many questions are left in your prospect's mind as they start reading your letter? And how many of these questions left unanswered are causing you to lose sales?

The bad news is you could very well be losing a large handful of sales. But there is good news...

These questions are not only easy to find in your sales letter, but they're also easy to fix.

Just take a look at your sales letter right now. Clear your mind and read through it as if you didn't know your product so intimately. What questions would come in your head, and where do they arise?

The real power of using "Immediate Answers" is to figure out where the questions will arise and then, quickly answering them in the next line or two.

Even better, have a friend or two read through your letter with an eye towards questions they might have. Ask them to make notations as they read so you can later go back in and answer the questions as they arise.

Try it and see. With just a small investment of time you can create a strong sales letter that pulls sales for years to come.

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