5 Deadly Effective Sales Letter Profit Boosters You Can Use Now!

By Grady Smith

1) ASK QUESTIONS YOUR TARGET PROSPECT CAN ANSWER "YES" TO Asking questions in your sales letter is a powerful way to truly engage your readers. It creates a need for an answer, and separates the buyers from the uninterested.

Of course some believe that by asking questions you run the risk of someone responding "no", and therefore, they won't read your sales letter. While this is true, if you ask the right questions, you're deeply engaging those that are interested. And those that stop reading weren't going to buy anyway.

Here's how it works.

By reading this article, I know that you are interested in increasing the response of your sales letter. And understanding this, if I created a product that offered to teach you these techniques, I would ask certain questions that would keep you interested.

For instance.

"Do you want to learn a simple technique that takes less than 2 minutes of work, but will instantly double the response of any sales letter you apply it to?"

"Would you like to learn the 3 words you can add to your headline that will guarantee everyone will read your sales letter? I'll reveal the answer within this letter".

Those interested in learning these techniques will keep reading to find out the answers. And those that don't keep reading aren't interested in my product anyway, and no amount of selling will get them hungry for something they simply don't want.


Your guarantee is a powerful way to make prospects believe in you and your offer.

But it's not enough to say you guarantee their satisfaction. Instead, spell out each strong benefit your product offers, and then guarantee it.

"Order now and you're guaranteed to lose 14 pounds in the next 21 days, you're guaranteed to start feeling energized from the first day you use this product, and you're guaranteed to find this is the easiest way to lose weight because you'll no longer crave the foods that harm you. So, if you don't lose at least 14 pounds in 3 weeks . if you don't feel a super surge of energy starting on the first day . or if you don't find this product makes losing weight as easy as lying down, worry not. Simply return any unused portion and you'll receive a full refund."


When writing your sales letter, you work hard to make your main offer exciting and desirable. So, after all that hard work, don't lose them by skimping on your bonuses.

Bonuses are the last items prospects will see, and they're what's going to stick in their mind the most as they think about ordering.

So spend some time writing strong bonus copy. Go into detail about every benefit. Tell them why they need it. And make sure it's a product that's compatible with your main offer.


From your headline to your close, you must constantly engage those reading your letter. And a powerful way to do this is by using words your prospects don't expect to see.

Yes, strange words draw reactions. They start a thought process. They make the reader jump out of their hum-drum life and think about why you're saying what you're saying.

What kinds of words can you use?

Just about anything. I've used phrases like "Rabbit-Cash Multiplication System" in a sales letter that pulled a great response. It's strange, and the reader is almost forced to read on to find out why this system has such an off-the-wall name.


This is essential if you have any competition at all (and most of us do). You must differentiate yourself from the others that offer the same product or service.


Find the biggest benefit of your product, and see how it compares with your competition.

Do you cost less while not sacrificing quality? Is your product the only one that ____________?

If you can take a desired benefit, turn it into something that can only be obtained through you, then I guarantee your sales will increase dramatically.

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