The Nation's #1 Small Business Doctor Drew Eric Whitman, D.R.S. says...

"Be My Student & I'll Teach You the Hottest & Most Powerful Ad-Agency Tricks & Techniques Worth Thousands of Dollars

... at My Risk!"

The Nation's #1 Small Business Doctor
Drew Eric Whitman, D.R.S. Teaches You How to
Get More Inquiries... More Orders... & Make More Money

Over 4-1/2 Hours and 45,000 Hard-Hitting Words
in Drew's Dynamic, No-Punches-Pulled Style.

"My Program MUST Put $$$ in Your Pocket or I'll Buy it Back from You Any Time

"FINALLY!  A Dynamic, 6-Tape Audio Cassette Album
that Teaches You More About How to Create Powerfully Effective, 
$$$-Making Advertising than Your Competitors will Know
in their Entire Careers."

Critically acclaimed by some of the
biggest names in sales & communications, including ...

Roger Dawson, author of Nightingale-Conant's
"Secrets of Power Negotiating"...

"Drew Eric Whitman has created an information-filled program
that is fun to listen to.  A must for anyone seeking to persuade."

Nido Qubein, author of Nightingale-Conant's
"How to Be a Great Communicator"
"What a tremendous program packed with strategies and tactics
that really work.  I recommend it unreservedly."

Patricia Fripp, CPAE, Past President National Speakers Association...
"The advice is practical, profound and easy to adapt to any business. 
In competitive times this tape album could give you an unfair
advantage on your competition."

Paul Edwards, co-author of "Getting Business to Come to You"...
"Good ideas presented in an enthusiastic style ... I enjoyed it!"

Dottie Walters, author "Speak & Grow Rich"...
"A galaxy of 5-star ideas. Drew Eric Whitman is a genius."


My Dear Business Friend:

Do you want to pull in more phone calls... more inquiries... more new customers and more cash sales than ever before?

Well, in the next few days--with your permission--I am going to send you an amazing audio cassette program that will reveal exactly how to do it.

It's my no-punches-pulled audio program called ...

"How to Create Power-Packed Ads, 
Brochures & Sales Letters 
that Make Money NOW!"

Listen to these tapes for ONE FULL YEAR.  If you don't make back at least 10x your investment by applying the ideas I teach you, simply return them within ONE FULL YEAR for a no-questions-asked refund, less shipping.

(How the heck can you go wrong?)

Listen closely: I spent over 1-1/2 years developing these tapes and they contain some of the most important and powerful ways I've ever known for boosting the results you get from your ads, sales letters and brochures.  And guess what? In most cases the ideas cost NOTHING to implement!

Most people think my seminar contains a lot of information -- and it does!  But just wait until you hear these tapes!  There's so much valuable information, it's like a Master's Course in advertising and promotion!

Believe me... this is no wimpy single or double-tape program.  No.  It's a big, 6-cassette album that's jam-packed with over 45,000 practical, high-energy words ... over 4-1/2 hours of solid, how-to information. 

You'll find no boring stories.  No wasted time.  Just the same meaty, how-to information that people have come to expect from my nationally famous "AdPOWER!(tm) Clinic" seminar. 

And just like my seminar, the emphasis is on ideas and strategies you can apply right away....RIGHT NOW.  And most of them cost little or nothing to implement!

Just look at all the great info
I've packed into these tapes for you... 
(Here's just a small sampling of the topics you'll learn)

  • The One Major Rule that Automatically Makes Your Advertising More Powerful & Effective!

  • How to Sizzle-Up Your Ads, Brochures, Flyers &  Sales Letters!  Proven Ad-Agency Tricks Revealed.

  • How to Write "Dragon-Slayer" Headlines that Grab  People's Eyeballs & Drive them into Your Copy!

  • How to Turn Your Answering Machine into a Money Machine!  So Simple a Child Could Do it & Profit BIG!

  • How to Create Your Own Killer Audio Sales Tapes!

  • The Magic of "Back-Ending:"  How to Turn One Sale into Dozens:  Overlooked by Most Businesses Today! 

  • In-depth Discussion About How to Influence Subliminally with the Psychological Power of V-A-K-O-G!

  • Boost Your Profits by Becoming a Local,  National or International Expert in Your Field!  It's Easy!

  • How to standout in Your Market and Leave Your Competition in the Dust!  Lots of Advice & Examples.

  • Sneaky Graphic Design Tricks that Automatically Boost Readership & Help Drive-Up Response!

  • The Fiendishly Clever "Sales Letter in Survey's Clothing" Technique!  Works Like Magic!

  • Scores of Step-by-Step Tips, Formulas & Ideas!

  • Smart & Easy Way to Find a Pro Designer in Minutes!

  • On a Shoestring?  Call Here for Low-Cost Design Talent!

  • The "Dottie Trick" for Getting a Million-Dollar Design Idea Free!

  • How to Add Speed & Impact to Any Sales Message.

  • The Power of P.V.A.'s & How to Use Them.

  • Easy Tricks for Keeping People Reading 
    (It's working on YOU right now!) :-)

  • How to Use the Power of Questions.

  • You, Me, She, He, Them Pronoun Power!

  • The One-Word Sentence & Paragraph.

  • Long Copy vs. Short Copy: Which is More Effective & Why? 
    (Once you learn this, you'll never go back!)

  • The Hypnotic Power of "Complex Equivalence"

  • AND SO MUCH MORE! (A lot more.)

Just pop a tape into your cassette player and suddenly it's like I'm sitting there with you, side-by-side, ready to begin helping on your next project. 

There I am, (White lab coat and all!) looking over your shoulder ... tugging at your shirtsleeve ... and alerting you to potential mistakes. 

I'm "by your side," advising you to take certain tested actions ... encouraging you to try "in-the-trench-proven" ideas that can spell the difference between an ad, brochure or mailing piece that pulls in business like crazy, and one that's simply a big waste of your time, money and energy.

Look at Some of the
Important Subjects We'll Cover:

  • How to write irresistible ad copy
  • What to do to stand out from the crowd
  • How to make people believe what you say
  • Sneaky ways to get people to respond
  • Devilishly effective tricks for writing irresistible headlines
  • How to spend LESS money & get MORE response!
  • Powerful ad agency tricks that automatically boost ad response
  • What costly mistakes to avoid!
  • What you should NEVER/ALWAYS do in your ads
  • Expert Formulas, Guides, Tips & Strategies

I'll cut through the all the b.s. and tell you how to avoid the common mistakes that make advertising fail... and how to use the time-tested tricks that help make advertising succeed!

These Amazing Tapes
Cover Everything From A to Z!





Features & Benefits


Type Styles


Boring stories?  Irrelevant chatter? 


Maybe in some other authors' advertising training programs... not in these info-packed tapes.

That's because my commitment was to deliver as many practical tips ... tricks & techniques as humanly possible in 6 fun and stimulating cassettes -- AND I SUCCEEDED!

But they're not only practical. They're incredibly entertaining, too -- just like my seminars!  They're professionally recorded ... with music ... a few sound effects too, so you'll really enjoy listening and learning.  Best of all, they are overflowing with ready-to-use... ready-to-profit-from information.

Now -- and I'm proud of this -- I worked very hard to make sure that these tapes were nothing like your average audiocassette program.

And NO... that's not just another advertising claim, either.

Let me tell you what I mean...

Did you know that some seafood restaurants use more bread crumbs in their deviled crab cakes than crab meat itself?  Why?  It's cheaper, of course.  Nothing surprising there.

But did you know that in the same way many cassette programs are ALSO mostly filler?

Unfortunately, it's true.

Many of these programs are bloated with meaningless stories (often boring).  Or lots of bad jokes.  Others are so repetitious that you could listen to only half the program and not miss a thing! It's just a bunch of rambling. Yakking to fill the tape. Lots of theory, but nothing practical that you can actually use. You hear these experts going on and on. After about 15 minutes of listening, you realize that they haven't said anything you could actually put to use! It's as if they think the quality of their voice or their slick presentation style is enough to satisfy you. And that if they "dazzle" you with enough jokes and "entertaining" personal stories, you'll forget why you originally bought the album.

Yeah, right.

Still others (and this really annoys me) are recorded during a live presentation.  Nothing wrong with this, but when the speaker constantly asks people in the audience, "Would you please share what you're learning in this seminar?"  Or, "Why don't you tell everybody how you will apply the technique we just discussed!" my blood pressure goes through the roof! 


Nothing annoys me more than spending my hard-earned cash on a program by an expert and receiving a bunch of tapes filled up with a bunch of yakking by everyone BUT the expert! If I pay good money to hear an expert talk ... THAT'S WHO I WANT TO HEAR... not people in the audience who paid to be there

(Whew! Thanks for letting me get that off my chest.)

Now, if you'll indulge me a moment and let me toot my own horn, let me tell you the bottom line about my program.

I honestly believe that, "How to Create Power-Packed Ads, Brochures & Sales Letters that Make Money NOW!" contains more practical, put-it-to- immediate-use information than any other 6-pack advertising album on the market today. 


  • There is NO FILLER.
  • And one thing I will never do is give you vague generalities and never tell you what to do! (This drives me nuts in many other tape programs. At the end of the tapes you say, "Hmmm... interesting. Now what the $#!@ do I DO?")

LISTEN TO ME: This is not one of those programs where you play 6 tapes and you're lucky to get 6 practical ideas. You know the tapes I mean: You listen to the entire program and wonder if you learned anything of value at all! Worse still, with some programs, by the time you're done listening to tape #1 you're already thinking about shoving the tapes back in the box and sending the damned things back.

My tapes are very different.

You're likely to get a splitting headache from all the ready-to-use ideas I'm going to heap on you. (And I'm not kidding, either.)

It's like I'm a cigar-chompin' truck driver driving a mammoth dump truck that's packed with nothing but powerful, valuable information.

Imagine I drive this huge monster truck to your doorstep... pull a big steel lever... and send an almighty avalanche of hot advertising ideas ocean-crashing into your front door.

Wave after wave of techniques.

Tsunami after tsunami of tips and tricks that are ready, that very moment...

... to start building your business

... to start increasing your cash flow

... to start boosting your response

... to start generating more leads

... to give you the kind of advertising return that you know your product or service SHOULD be getting, if you only knew the right way to advertise it!

(I think you know what I mean.)

Don't you dare worry. I won't give you a few tips on one tape and then tell stories for the rest of the series.


I go on and on for 4-1/2 solid hours giving you your money's worth every minute. Don't be surprised at this. It was my goal when I first developed the tapes.

All you will find on these information-thick tapes are tested & proven strategies that really work -- no matter what kind of business you're in. As long as you are dealing with humans, these tapes will make you money.

That's because I'm going to teach you the psychology and application of advertising like no one has ever taught you before.

Of course, you could pay more for someone else's tapes... if you really wanted to.

You could even fork over $250...$500... even $1,500 for tapes from some Rolls Royce-driving expert who brags about charging $100.00 per minute in consulting fees. Sigh.

BUT LISTEN TO ME: None of that matters. Because I challenge you to find a better, more practical advertising training program on the market AT ANY PRICE.  Chances are, you won't.  (If you do, let me know.  I'd like to buy a copy for my own library and congratulate the author for a job well done.) 

You see, I took one-and-a-half decades of hands-on experience and compressed them into 6 cassettes that teach you how to DOUBLE...TRIPLE... QUADRUPLE your advertising results -- without spending a penny more.

You wouldn't believe how much time and effort went into creating these tapes.

First, I spent well over a year writing the script.  Next I spent 2 to 3 days a week cooped up in a Philadelphia recording studio.  It took about 3 months to do the initial recording. 

I then spent almost a month creating music and sounds. Then another 3 months to add the music and sounds and then do the initial editing.  (It's very, very tedious, but if you want a quality end result, you simply have to spend the time.)

The last 2 months were spent doing digital editing -- the really critical editing process that cleans up flubs, lip smacks and the like. That's why you won't hear me stumble over my words, or clear my throat. The process is called, "perfect editing," and was done to give you the highest quality end result possible.

In fact, there's a whole section on these tapes where I tell you how YOU can create your own sales cassette for your business.  

By the way, audio tape learning is extremely popular nowadays and creating your own sales tape (or CD) is not difficult ... especially when you have someone who tells you exactly how to do it and gives you lots of shortcuts and moneysaving tips.  I've learned a heck of a lot about producing sales and training tapes, and I'm happy to share it with you! 

You could even take this information and make ANY kind of audio tape, not just a sales tape.  Maybe you want to create an educational cassette program just like I did, and sell it for profit!  No reason why you couldn't!  Just think ... what could you tell people about that they'd be willing to pay for?  With your expertise in your field, you may be sitting on a great untapped source of income.  Like anything else, once you know how, it's simple.   

All  together, I spent about $11,000.00 creating "How to Create Power-Packed Ads, Brochures & Sales Letters that Make Money NOW!"  This includes studio time, master recording tape and one of the finest announcers in the business (Kris Chandler) to record the introduction.  (Wait until you hear this man's voice. It's simply amazing. The audio engineer and I almost fell off our stools when we first heard his powerful voice pouring out of the studio speakers.) That $11,000.00 doesn't include the cost of the individual cassettes, the high-quality duplication, the beautiful big album they come in, or the high-impact album inserts.  Just the work to get the master tapes together!

The end result is a practical, information-packed program that's a pleasure to listen to.  And while I do admit that sometimes you may feel overwhelmed by all the information I share with you, I'm confident you'll appreciate the exceptional value you're getting.

Giving more value than you pay for is my business motto. In fact, after my seminar, one participant in Butler, Pennsylvania said, "I learned more in the last 90-minutes than I did in four years of school." And she was an ADVERTISING MAJOR! Not bad, huh? :-)

Now I don't mean to boast, but I truly believe this album is worth 100 times its modest price.  The information -- IF USED -- can make you thousands of dollars in additional business. 

But this shouldn't come as much of a surprise, really.  The tapes contain the same strategies and techniques and methodology that a consultant or ad agency would use if you hired them for big bucks.

Best of all, you don't need any special skills or expertise to use the techniques I reveal.  In fact, you can begin applying some (or all!) of the ideas the very same day you hear them. 

HERE'S A GREAT IDEA:  Before you press "PLAY" on your tape recorder, grab a copy of your latest ad, brochure or sales letter and keep it next to your tape player while you listen.  Have a nice red pen handy, too.  This way, every time I make a point, you can glance at your ad and make an immediate change or a quick note to improve that aspect of it that I just discussed. 

What a great idea!  This will be like having me by your side as your personal consultant.  This is what I hope you do with my tapes.

Listen:  Let's be honest with each other.  Only through ACTION will these tapes be of great value to you.  You need to do more than simply listen and say, "Well!  That was interesting!"  You need to also APPLY the ideas ... the sooner the better.

Do you want to know
what I hope?

I hope that you start using the information in these tapes and then you write me a letter telling me exactly what you did and the results you got.  I want you to keep me apprised of your successes.  Just one idea, when implemented, can turn your business around. 

In fact, I guarantee that you'll quickly make back your investment or I'll return every penny you paid.

Listen to the Tapes for ONE FULL YEAR

If The Ideas I Reveal to You Don't Put Cash in Your Pocket, I'll Buy the Program Back from You.

You read correctly.  Listen to the tapes for ONE FULL YEAR!  Apply some (or all) of the ideas and techniques I reveal to you.  If within that time you don't easily make back 10x your small investment, simply return them postpaid in resaleable condition and I'll send you back all of your money (less shipping).  I defy you to find a better offer than that on ANYBODY'S cassette tape program!

No other advertising trainer makes you this guarantee on their products.


My advice for those trainers is, "Stop being so concerned about people returning your product, and start putting more effort into making your product the best so people won't want to return it!"

Simple philosophy, isn't it?

Now, be honest: If you like what I have to say about advertising -- and I assume you do or you wouldn't have read this far into my letter -- then I can't imagine any reason in the world why you will be anything other than absolutely thrilled about "How  to Create Power-Packed Ads, Brochures & Sales Letters that Make Money NOW!"  These tapes are truly me at my dynamic, information-providing best.

If for any reason you don't fully agree, then I insist you accept a refund -- no questions asked.  In fact, if you're unhappy for ANY reason ... even if you don't like the picture of me on the front cover, and you're embarrassed to have friends or family see my mug sitting on your bookshelf when they visit -- you have the right to send them back.  (But please don't say anything mean about my photo -- I'm much more sensitive than I appear!)

"But Drew!"  you ask, "Are you as bizarre on these tapes as you are in person?" 

Well ... uh ...

Okay, okay!  I admit it! 

Like my seminar, the tapes DO tend to be somewhat off-the-wall at times.  I sometimes get overly excited. Sometimes it may even sound as if I'm about to come bursting through your speakers, scalpel, lab coat and all! 

(In fact, my studio engineer had to, on several occasions, tell me to calm down because I was driving him nuts with the volume levels!)  One particularly nutty day I was I was flailing my arms around so much that I knocked over the music stand holding my notes, and because they weren't stapled (to make page turning easy), it took me about 20 minutes to get everything reorganized!  So here's a hint for you if you ever decide to record your own tape program:  Don't Flail Your Arms.  :-)

Now... all kidding and merrymaking aside.  If you're really serious about improving your sales materials, whether they be brochures, ads, sales letters, flyers... ALL YOUR ADVERTISING (Yes, the ideas are applicable to web sites and emails, too.) then you owe it to yourself to check out this risk-free offer.  Not only will you receive one of the best audio programs available, but you'll also get it with a bonified ONE-YEAR MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE! How can you possibly lose?

So ... send your check or money order to me today! I'll ship your tapes to you immediately!

Success to you, my friend! <handshake>

Drew Eric Whitman, D.R.S.
Direct Response Surgeon™

P.S.  REMEMBER:  You must love these tapes or return them any time within ONE FULL YEAR for a prompt, cheerful refund.  You're protected by my guarantee, and to be honest with you ... if I did my job right ... you'll never use my return guarantee because this program will become one of your favorite reference guides in your business library!

P.P.S. Hey... stop thinking, "Gee... should I order these?" Just do it already! If you want to grow your business, then you simply must continually educate yourself in the subject areas that will make the biggest difference for your business. ADVERTISING IS the #1 most important thing to learn. You simply MUST know how to effectively promote your product or service, or no matter HOW good it is, you'll never convince enough people to buy what you offer.

Listen to me: If you have all the time in the world and you don't mind going to the library and reading book after book after book... sorting through all the fluff and nonsense and stories and junk... then my audio program is a great investment for you. It will save you time and effort. I'll cut through all the bull.... give it to you straight.... pull no punches.... shake you up.... and motivate you to take action and take charge. Isn't it about time SOMEBODY did this for you? I promise not to let you down.

If you're even the least bit hesitant, consider this: I am not going to risk my international reputation over a few dollars by not honoring my money-back guarantee. (You're not thinking that, are you? Shame on you!) :-)

I know you're going to love this program.  BUT!  If in the unlikely event you do not.... for ANY reason... just write "MONEY BACK" on a piece of paper and return the tapes to me in resaleable condition... and guess what? In a few days your money comes back. (See how easy it is?) In fact, after you listen to my tapes you're going to think back and laugh at yourself for hesitating even a minute. NOW... stop procrastinating and PLACE YOUR ORDER TODAY!

P.P.P.S. Don't forget! Educational expenses are tax deductible as a business expense! (Ask your accountant for details.)


Q: Will these tapes make me rich?

A: No. It is up to YOU to put these ideas to work and make yourself rich. However, the information in this audio training course can definitely put you on the road to riches. It will save you years of reading, digesting and testing... and thousands of dollars in experimentation. I already did the experimenting for you. Don't repeat my costly mistakes.

Q: Are these tapes really all that different?

A: They really are. You see, I am not your average ho-hum advertising trainer. But don't take MY word for it. Prove it to yourself in 5 minutes, right now. Read any of my articles on my web site: After reading just one article that you'll realize that I am indeed "different." You'll see that giving you REAL-WORLD HOW-TO information in an INTERESTING way is my #1 priority. That's because I hate crappy seminars... miserable, low-content tape programs and boring speakers as much as you do. Maybe more, since I'm in the business myself and I know the importance of being able to deliver your message with pizzazz!

You'll be amazed at how much you will learn. It's truly a bootcamp advertising course with all the fluff removed.

Q: Okay, Drew... tell me more about your background.


Q: Who would benefit most from this program?

A: Anyone in business who advertises. I don't care what type of business you're in. You could be a mail order entrepreneur or an undertaker... a real estate agent or a web designer... it simply doesn't matter. All that matters is that you are someone who is seeking more business... more leads... more sales... more $$$ in your pocket. If you use ANY form of advertising, this program will apply to you.

How's this possible?


Because I teach you the PSYCHOLOGY of potent advertising. How to talk to other peoples' brains to persuade the owners of those brains to buy from you. I'm not going to waste your time with useless nonsense. Only stuff you can use immediately!  

Q: Can't I just get this stuff from books in the library?

A: You can find many excellent books on advertising in your local library. The question is: "How much time do you have?"

It would take you years to read and digest all the books available to you. And it's not that easy, either, because many of the books on the subject are filled with stories... impractical detail and endless chatter telling you THAT you're supposed to do something, but not HOW you're supposed to do it. Many books tell you the philosophy, but few tell you how to APPLY that philosophy!

What the heck good is that? Your objective is not (at least I don't think it is) to go around in a white robe preaching about the wonders of the world of advertising and marketing.

Your goal is: TO MAKE MORE MONEY, easier and more quickly. Right?

Well... I've done the reading and experimentation for you. In about 4-1/2 hours, I promise you that you'll know more about how to create powerfully effective advertising than 99% of all other business owners on the planet. And that's not just an advertising claim... it's a fact. With my 1-year money-back guarantee, you can prove it to yourself.

Here's What People Are Saying
About Drew Eric Whitman...

Seminar Sponsors Said:

"Your promise to give us a turn-key presentation is just what we needed.  All elements came together and made one of the best programs we have provided our members."
Keith Niemela, Executive Director
Keweenaw Peninsula (MI) Chamber of Commerce


"Great!  Initially there was a lot of curiosity about whether or not this was really going to be something  of value to our Members.  From the input I've gotten back and from my own personal experience, it was 2 hours that were very well spent.  It had a lot more information than some 8-hour seminars we've had."
Diane Schwenke, President
Grand Junction Area (CO) Chamber of Commerce


"What a difference your presentation was. 
It was worth the attendance fee just to see your performance!"

Steve Galyean, Executive Director
Galax-Carroll-Grayson (VA) Chamber of Commerce


"After your presentation, I can end my search
for the perfect seminar." 
Linda Harvey, Executive Director
Butler County (PA) Chamber of Commerce


"Excellent!  Tremendous!  I spent 30 years as a managing partner of a public accounting firm and have attended innumerable seminars. This is one of the finest seminars I have ever attended."
John P. Cataldo Sr., Executive Director
Greater Warminster Area (PA) Chamber of Commerce


"I am beginning to hear from others who did not attend and are asking when we might do a 'repeat' since they are being told they missed the seminar of the year!"
Russ Merritt, Executive Director
Rocky Mount (VA) Chamber of Commerce


"Thank you for your outstanding presentation.  Your humorous, fast-paced style was simply a great bonus.  The main feature, the information you provided, was down-to-earth and immediately applicable to our clients.  This is exactly what we needed from you!  You did a cost effective, professional, realistic workshop with style and flair."
Dee Sturgill
State of Ohio Department of Education


"The information was relevant and the presentation style was excellent.  In fact, it had more information than some eight-hour seminars we've had."
Diane Schwenke, President
Grand Junction (CO) Chamber of Commerce


"Thank you, thank you thank you!  Your presentation was very entertaining, as well as informative, and I have heard nothing but positive comments from those individuals in attendance."
Kimberly A. Belinsky, Program Manager
The Bloomsburg (PA) Area Chamber of Commerce


"Your flyer said that you were energetic and unusual and your presentation certainly lives up to that.  It was great fun working with you ... and I would be happy to recommend you to anyone who is looking for an entertaining and productive seminar."
Sandy Watson
Executive Director
Beavercreek (OH) Chamber of Commerce

When Asked...
"What Did You Like Most
About Drew's Seminar?"

Participants Said:

"Drew's enthusiasm, knowledge & style.
 I gained a tremendous amount of knowledge." 
Very useful ... very powerful!"
 Janell M. Bauer, The Resource Center, Inc.

"The delivery of the seminar. 
Very interesting and effective." 
Vicki Sheley, The Daily Sentinel


"Everything said was a good idea."
Andy Raggio, Park Western Leasing

"The enthusiasm!"
Kathy Sanders, Mesa Moving & Storage


"Drew's enthusiasm and presentation of ideas and facts."
Kay Albright, Illusions of The Heart

"All of it was incredibly helpful & insightful. 
Amazingly, you  covered it all. 
Your personality & delivery made it fun!"
Debra Hesse, Colorado Easter Seal

"The dynamics & stagy presentation."
Jo Ann Moon, Crescent Communications

"Sheer volume of immediately usable information."
Gina McCullough, Butler Memorial Hospital

"Interesting, stimulating speaker.  Much valuable information given. 
I started playing with ad copy almost immediately
& had fun with it."
Donna Armistead, Superior School of Dance

"Fast-paced -- applicable to  what I do."
Kay Weddle, The Framerıs Daughter

"Right to the point."
Chet Grochoski, Calumet Machine

"Very entertaining.  I liked the fast pace & enthusiasm of the speaker. 
My mind never wandered ... stayed right with him.  Very lively!"
Melanie B. Ingram, First National Bank of Ferrum

"Lots of information in a short amount of time."
T. Wayne Cundiff, Cundiff Lumber, Inc.

"Well presented.  Most informative."
Linda Burger, Collins-McKee Funeral Services

"Direct -- to the point -- holds your attention."
Charles D. Easter, Martin Jewelry

"Great presentation!  Love the energy!"
Mary Etta Clemons, Wythe-Grayson Regional Library

"Interesting start to stop."
David B. Imhof, Imhof Supply, Inc.

"Specific information.  Novel approach.  Lots of information."
Nancy Monday-Yates, The Unicorn

"Excellent speaker, not boring."
Deborah Sizer, WBOB Radio

"My mind did not wander as it usually does during seminars!"
Jan Lubinski, Best Western Kings Inn & Franklin Square Inn

"Advertising is simple if you know what I learned today."
Karla Korpela, Evertıs Motor Sales Inc.

"High-Powered Instructor."
Hal Rudnianin

"Lively presentation.  Good use of a.v. elements. 
Obviously knowledgeable."
Jerry D. Johnson, North Pittsburgh Telephone Co.

Not bad, huh? I'm proud of the comments those nice folks said about me and my program. Every time I get a letter from someone who tells me how much I helped them, it makes everything I do worthwhile. I'm hoping to add your quote next!

Now... enough of my yakking. Let's get you started. Simply complete the form below and I'll get your training program to you right away!

(Prices subject to change without notice.)

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[ ] Okay, Drew... I'll try "How to Create Power-Packed Ads, Brochures & Sales Letters that Make Money NOW!"
I understand I can put it to the test for one full year. If I'm not 100% thrilled for any reason, I can return it to you postpaid, in resaleable condition, for a full refund, less shipping.

Choose The Learning Style that Best Suits You!:

1) AUDIO TAPES: 6-cassette, 4-1/2-hour album: $89.95 plus shipping.
2) PRINTED MANUAL: 130-page, perfect-bound: $39.95 plus shipping.
3) SUPER COMBO DEAL: Order the tapes & get the manual for just $4.99 more! YOU SAVE $26.96!

SHIPPING: $4.95 per order to US addresses. Canada: $15.84. All others :$18.95



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