Q: What do OTHERS say about the experts in this program?


Here's What They're Saying About

"Dottie, how does it feel to have blown a handful of inspirational star dust to the world?"
--Napoleon Hill

"I have addressed more than a million people in 21 countries and I have studied the business of professional speaking in great depth. I can therefore say that this is the finest book ever written on the subject. I recommend it to every single person who has any interest whatever in speaking for fun or profit."
--Brian Tracy, author and professional speaker

"Congratulations on the success of your book, 'Speak and Grow Rich.' Everywhere I turn, I hear people talking about it. ... most all of the projects you take on become successes!"
--Jim Cathcart, CSP, CPAE

"... my first full year as a paid speaker during which I made a whopping $40,000. Keep in mind that I left a corporate job making $120,00 plus a company car, plus expenses.  In 'Speak and Grow Rich' you made mention that public speakers make in excess of $225,000 per year and I remember thinking to myself "yeah, right." My wife in all of her infinite wisdom said, "Why don't you do exactly what the book suggests?" I did. In 1995 my gross bookings were in excess of $700,000."
--Tony Parinello, author and speaker

"I love this book!  'Speak and Grow Rich' will cut 10 years from your professional speaking learning curve. I love the authors, Dottie and Lilly Walters. We are proud to feature their stories in our 'Chicken Soup for the Soul' books."
--Jack Canfield, Co-Author
"Chicken Soup For The Soul" series


Here's What They're Saying About

"I've been involved in direct marketing and advertising and have been a copywriter for over a decade now. I've worked with all sorts of businesses... small home-based, to large Fortune 500 corporations. After all these years... and after having made millions for other people as well as myself... every time I have a new project or a new ad campaign I just don't feel like it's complete until I can call and discuss things with you and have you look it over. Your marketing advice has doubled and tripled sales for both myself as well as my clients. Thanks again from the bottom of my heart! (And bank account!)"
--Sam Robbins, Founder/CEO
Cash Flow Marketing

"I've been a copywriter for around 20 years and authored a book on marketing, but still learned a thing or two, and was reminded of a few things I needed to be reminded of as well."
--David Deutsch

"This was by far one of the most powerful sales letters that I have ever seen. By the time I was done reading it I was so punch drunk that I would have paid any amount for it. I'm serious!"
--Wayne Ulias

"...the be-all and end-all is the sales letter. Yours is by far the best I've ever seen! I'm extremely impressed!"
--Scott Linden

"Most (marketing sites) want way too much money for what you are giving away. I found your site to be the first that I wanted to print out all the information on paper. It has helped me tremendously! "
--Kevin Miles, Owner
KMCS Computer Software


Here's What They're Saying About

"You are awesome and I hope you know how much I appreciate your hard work. Wow! I am truly amazed and impressed.”
--Tammy Matney, CMP

"...your closing keynote allowed them to first recognize and then package the very best of their memories and ideas in a way that allow them to enjoy and use them over and over again. It was the perfect way to end this conference."
--Susan Lannis, Conference Chair, NAPO

"Thank you for your solid, no nonsense guidance. I left the event inspired, pumped, wired, up,excited and ready to slay dragons.”
--Flowyd Caldwell
Seminar Attendee

"It's midnight Saturday but I just had to call. I just finished listening to the Networking Ninja Tapes for the second time. I want to be a Ninja just like you. The workshop was great. The tapes are wonderful!”
--Larry Burkett, Owner
Business Printing



Here's What They're Saying About

“After attending your powerful Conversational Influence® course, I began to put skills I learned to use and guess what I did? I added $50,000 to our bottom line by getting a building project that before was impossible to get. With these skills, I now know that virtually anything is possible.
--Joel Randolph, V.P. Business Development
Randolph & Son Builders, Inc.

“Greg's techniques and guidance definitely work. With his help, guidance, trainings, and coaching, I am producing 50% more sales per month, than before. His communication methods, especially Conversational Influence® work. I have taken courses with most, if not all of the leading sales, marketing, and self-improvement experts -- none compare with Greg Gibson and his powerful and masterful skills!”
--Juan N. Reza
Personal Financial Analyst

"I'm writing to express my gratitude for your incredible Conversational Influence® training. On Monday alone, I closed 3 big accounts that day! I had been working on these accounts for three months, but I couldn't effectively overcome their objections to our prices. The only reason I was able to turn this around immediately was due to your training and the skills you taught us. Now it's 2 months later and my sales have increased 73% the first month and 82% the past month. Can you believe it? I'm a believer in Conversational Influence!
--Ted Britschgi, Sales Representative
Hartford Valve

“After attending Greg’s Conversational Influence® seminar, my staff and I felt that we were head & shoulders above our competition as sales people. We anxiously looked forward to employing what we learned, in the field. After one week we realized we were not just head & shoulders above the competition, but we were worlds apart. Not only did we increase our sales for the month by 23%, but we had a 45% increase in new accounts. Our sales people had generated so much new business that we had to add two customer service representatives to handle the customer calls and  orders.
--Scott A. Pyeatt, Sales Director

“Two days after I returned from your seminar, I used your techniques to save a $10,000 diamond sale from a competitor that tried to undercut my prices substantially. This sale was positively dead without your material, as $10,000 was about $2,000 over their intended budget, but it was absolutely the right stone for her! I used it a few days later to cement a sale for $14,785 that I might have made anyway, but a sure thing is so much nicer than a "sorta maybe" kind of deal. Your material has enabled me to appear more professional at the same time I have been enhancing my bottom line by bringing greater apparent value to my clients!”
--Wink Jones


Here's What They're Saying About

"There is only one thing that sustains business success: a lot of happy, satisfied customers. This is one of Mike Harris' greatest strengths... teaching you how to create those happy, satisfied customers!"
--Harold R. McAlindon, President
Parthenon Innovation Group
Author of "The Little Book of Big Ideas"
(Cumberland House)

"We know we can always count on Mr. Michael (Marketing) Harris for new ideas and initiatives!"
--Patrick MacDonald, President
The MacDonald Classified Service

"I want to thank you again for your invaluable help. I do believe you've written the primer on classified advertising. We're moving ahead with all deliberate speed to implement as many of your recommendations as possible."
--Rhona Erlich, Advertising Director
El Diario/La Prensa, New York, NY

"When I picked up my first phone call Monday morning, it didn't surprise me. Everyone at El Diario is raving about you. You've got it all."
--Sheila Parker, Manager/Classified Advertising
The Gannett Corporation


Here's What They're Saying About

"You were the star of the show! The audience had nothing but great things to say about you. The conference was a wonderful success and a lot of the credit goes to you. Your message carries a great deal of impact."
--Kevin Gilligan, Conference Manager
Inc. Magazine

"Your topic was perfect and extremely well-received by all those who attended. You connected so well with the audience... I really believe people everywhere need to hear what you have to say, it is absolutely crucial to the success of both their personal and business lives."
--Susan Clarke, President
NAFE Chapter

"It has been a long, long time since I have come away from a meeting with such enthusiasm and excitement. John has created a fantastic marriage between reps and a worldwide first class company such as Polaroid."
--Joe Valentine
Valentine & Associates

"The program you created for us remains second-to-none in the industry, but also continues to be talked about and shown as the best example of how a rep group should present itself. Your material continues to be the leading component of all our presentations, and indeed is still making the same dynamic impression it did 5 years ago. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!"
--Carey Brazell, President
Myers, Brazell & Associates

"John, you were a great asset to our National Sales Meeting. You have just the right combination to stimulate and focus our sales force with your wit and expertise in the marketing field."
--Dennis M. Straub, Executive Vice President
Standard Abrasives


Here's What They're Saying About

"You delivered your message with drive, enthusiasm, and great energy, but somehow managed to do it without the evangelistic preaching that sometimes accompanies such a presentation. Many thanks for being a great keynote speaker, and for getting our Strategic Planning meeting off to a positive start."
--Ian Troup, President & COO
Upsher-Smith Laboratories, Inc.

"For a second year you have delivered on your promise of an upbeat, content-relevant and customized presentation. Thank you for making me look good! Your preparation, subsequent customization and follow-up make you one of the 'lowest maintenance/highest return' speakers we have ever used."
--Michelle Desreux, Sr. Vice President, Global Operations
Uniglobe Travel (International) Inc.

"WOW what a presentation! You made GCSAA look like a hero with our industry clients! I sincerely appreciate the time you spent prior to your presentation preparing a more targeted message, especially contacting some of the participants prior to the meeting."
--Robert A. Shively, Sr. Director of Corporate Marketing
Golf Course Superintendents Association of America

"Thank you for the outstanding job at our recent convention in Louisville. You are the Mark McGuire of the industry... you hit a home run!"
--David C. Lucy, Executive Vice President
Mid-America Equipment Retailers Association

"Thank you for bringing a fresh perspective to our convention. It was obvious that what you had to say, our members needed and wanted to hear. And ours is not an easy group to please. They hear a lot of motivational speakers and can become pretty jaded in time. Your presentation was a completely new approach to sales motivation and success."
--Dennis Schneider, CAE, Executive Vice President
Iowa Association of Life Underwriters


Here's What They're Saying About

"Any serious organization would do well to listen to this man.
He sparks of genius, creativity and plain common sense."

--George W. Bush, introduction at economic symposium

"Hank Moore speaks from the brain and from the heart. I've personally observed his futuristic projections and insights since 1958."
--Lady Bird Johnson, former First Lady

"He is the only speaker or business advisor whom I heard this year who is truly the CEOs' peer. Hank Moore is the only one with an Ethics Statement, which CEOs understand and appreciate."
--Peter Bijur, Chairman, Texaco

"Hank Moore is our million dollar idea person. He is one of the few business experts whose work directly impacts a company's book value."
--Benjamin F. Edwards, III, Chairman-CEO, A.G. Edwards & Sons


Here's What They're Saying About

"I am consistently delighted and amazed by the innovative marketing ideas that Albert so willingly shares. He is a master at applying leading-edge technology to his wealth of practical, useful knowledge, and then he makes it easy for the rest of us to understand and apply these principles and techniques to create our own successful marketing."
--Katie Darden, Co-Founder
Career Life Institute

"To think back in 1996 I was resistant to the idea of having a web site. Now, I am thankful that Albert was able to guide us skillfully through the forest of mixed messages, with regards to the internet. Albert's help in all aspects of our online presence has proven to be invaluable."
--Lise Parenteau, D.C., President
Applied Kinesiology Center of San Francisco, Inc.

"Without Albert, I am sure we would have been able to get started on the internet. Based upon our meetings with others, I am not sure how effective we would be though. Albert has made our understanding of all things internet, easy and fluid. We are now looking for new and different ways to be trendsetters in our industry, and Albert is helping us lead the way."
--Michael Ryan, President
Premier Remodelers, Inc.

"Having consulted in the computer industry for over 12 years, I understand the importance of thoroughness and effective functionality with regard to business applications of computing devices and the software they utilize. I greatly value Albert Palacios to be a solid, reliable and tremendously effective professional. His innovative application of his marketing experience and his thorough technical know-how has yielded very profitable results."
--Kevin Lewis, Owner
Human Dynamics Coaching


Here's What They're Saying About

"A great finale to the conference...very helpful and thought provoking!"
--Judy Grant, Director
Arizona Health Care Association

"Many, many thanks, for the smashing job you did...your two presentations were a real hit. The attendees themselves say it best:
'Dr. Sindelar is one of the best presenters I have seen.'
'Great interaction with the audience.'
'Great techniques learned.'
'Audio-visual presentation was the best I've seen.'"

--Jaqueline Miller, Manager
American Osteopathic Association.

"The presentation gave us a great many ideas to think about and techniques/skills to use. All this was presented in a highly entertaining and dynamic manner."
--Lily Lee, Manager
Blue Shield

"I was quite impressed with your presentation. I have spent a good deal of time this morning applying some of those ideas."
--Bruce Moore

"Your presentation was excellent! The program absolutely riveted the attention of the audience. The energy between you and the audience was almost visible."
--Mary Webster, Executive Director
American Subcontractors Association


Here's What They're Saying About

"Excellent! Tremendous! I spent 30 years as a managing partner of a public accounting firm and have attended innumerable seminars. This is one of the finest seminars I have ever attended."
--John P. Cataldo Sr., Executive Director
Greater Warminster Area (PA) Chamber of Commerce

"I am beginning to hear from others who did not attend and are asking when we might do a 'repeat' since they are being told they missed the seminar of the year!"
--Russ Merritt, Executive Director
Rocky Mount (VA) Chamber of Commerce

"I purchased your "How to Create Power-Packed Ads..." manual. I have been referring back to that resource continually over the last 18 months. It is the best manual on copy writing that I have ever read."
--Jeremy Radovcic
Mt. Waverley, Australia

"Thank you for your outstanding presentation. Your humorous, fast-paced style was simply a great bonus. The main feature, the information you provided, was down-to-earth and immediately applicable to our clients. This is exactly what we needed from you! You did a cost effective, professional, realistic workshop with style and flair."
--Dee Sturgill
State of Ohio Department of Education

"You are the BEST copywriter I have ever seen!
And I provide marketing for 100+ Australian companies."

--Chris Bloor, President
Quality Business Institute of WA